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On 28 July monks from Shimla will come to  Darnków, they will start preparations for drubchen.

31. 07 - 04.08 - preparation course for drubchen - monks will teach how to perform Phurba practice

In the last days of July will arrive H.H. Taklug Tsetrul Rinpoche (Rinpoche's arrival depends on the state of his health, about any changes we will inform)

5. 08 - H.H. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche will give Phurba iniciation

5. 08 - 14. 08. 2015 - Phurba drubchen

After the end of drubchen Rinpoche will stay in our center privately to rest and to get all necesary medical and spa treatments.
Until the end of August we will be doing daily practices - Big Rigdzin, Butterlamps offering (if we not be able to finish before drubchen).

fee for the course 31.07 - 04.08 - 40 zł / day + meals,

fee for the course 5. 08 - 14. 08  - 70 zł / day + meals,

fee for the stay from 15.08 till 30.08 - 40 zł / day + meals,

prepayment to 25 June 2015 - 10% discount (discount applies only to the prepaid amount),

Please see also the big request for sponsoring oil for the butter lamps:

Dear friends in Dharma,

On Sunday, June 28, we start XIX. Butterlamps Offering Ceremony in Darnków.

That the ceremony can take place we need to buy oil for lamps. The
minimum quantity for delivery is 33 cans, cost of one - 91 zł, total
3003 zł. Oil is ordered, but we have not enough money to pay for it.

Until now we received 2485.15 zł donations for oil. To pick up the first
pallet of oil (transport is ordered for Wednesday) we need another
517.85 zł.

To offer all 111.111 lamps we need 4 pallets of oil. So, to pay for the
next delivery we need another 9009 zł.

Until now, by 18 years, we managed to offer traditionally 111.111 lamps,
sometimes even much more. This happened, thanks to your generosity and

We hope that also this year, despite initial difficulties, we will again
offer 111.111 lamps for world peace.

Greetings from Darnków,

The payment can be sent to the Polish association bank account:

Zwiazek Buddyjski Khordong
Bank PKO BP S.A. Kudowa Zdrój
IBAN: PL90102051120000790200355347
SWIFT: BPKOPLPW (fill gap with "X")

Aktuelle Seite: Home News Drophan Ling: Changes in dates of retreat