In Germany are many people interested in the teachings and praxis of H.H. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, since he were visiting Germany every year for about 10 years. In many places are now groups who practicing together and an association was founded already in 1993, which counts now more than 40 people. Many translation work takes place as well as recordings are made of the different pujas and teachings. This website is a project of the non-profit German Khordong association and offers also space for the other international groups.

Jomo Gudrun, for long time the closest disciple of Rinpoche and one of the main german translators, was installed as a regent for Germany by Rinpoche. She is empowered to give teachings and transmissions.

1. Khordong e.V. Deutschland

2. International Khordong Webside

3. edition khordong

4. Tübingen

5. Berlin

6. Wardenburg-Littel (near Oldenburg/Bremen)

Der Khordong Verein Deutschland e.V



Norbert Ohl, president, norbert (ad) khordong (dot) net
Im Voken 3, 88255 Baindt, phone: +49 7502 943294

Christian Bräter, vice-president, christian.braeter (ad) gmx (dot) de
Waldemarstr. 5, 10997 Berlin, phone +49 176 30701269

Heike Gregory, treasurer, heike (ad) khordong (dot) de
Frankenallee 121, 60326 Frankfurt, phone: +49 69 75089651

Further members of the extended board:
Olaf Brokmann: olaf (ad)

Anne Gäbler: Yontan (ad)
Thomas Leidorf: T.Leidorf (ad)
Monika Hermes: (ad)

Bank account:
please ask if you wish do donate via bank transfer one of our board members. For security reason we do not display our account information here anymore. We ask for your understanding. Donation can be send also via paypal to the email address:

Engl, French: A n d r e a s R u f t, Content, Postmaster, Contact: andreas (ad) khordong (dot) net

German: Wolfgang Zimmermann, Pictures, Tsagli-Net, Contact: wolfgang (ad) khordong (dot) net (only German)

edition khordong: edition (ad) khordong (dot) net

A n d r e a s R u f t, contact: andreas (ad) khordong (dot) net
Oppelner Straße 28, D-10997 Berlin, Tel.: +49-30-2833276

Edition Khordong is now part of Wandel-Verlag. Please visit our new website:



  • Thomas Maier und Anke Schepermann, Stöcklestr. 37, D-72070 Tübingen phone: +49-7071 - 45456, eMail.: anke.thomas (ad)



  • Anna Aly-Labana, phone: +49-163-7423869, e-mail: anna.alylabana (ad) googlemail (dot) com
  • Christoph Schneider, eMail: ckes (ad) gmx (dot) net
  • A n d r e a s R u f t, eMail: andreas (ad) khordong (dot) net
  • Christian Bräter, eMail: christian.braeter (ad) gmx (dot) de

Wardenburg-Littel Tubten Ga Tsal Padma Ling


  • Doris und Hans Driebold, Gasland 76, D-26203 Littel, phone: +49-4407-5857