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25th of December 2003

14th Butterlamp Opening

Dear all,

I have the pleasure to inform you on this christmas day, that the 14th butterlamp retreat has started yesterday, the first lamp being lighted by Tulku Thondup who will stay with us until the 2nd of january to give us guidance and teachings.

We were also very happy to have with us Revate Mahatero who came here for a few days, to share with us his experience on how to run a society in India with foreign members and office bearers.

This afternoon we held the annual general meeting of the C.R Society, with the presentation of accounts from 1996 to 2003, duly prepared by our tax consultant and accountant, advocate K.B Roy. We also held the elections of the new office bearers of the society. All sangha members who were present on this particular occasion were made life members of the society, including Tulku Thondup and Gonjang Tulku.

For the moment only a very few participants have arrived (10), but all are in great spirit and are willing to light 111.111 lamps, to fullfill Rinpoche's wish as every other year before.
With the support of some local people we know we can do it.

So we started the retreat as usual, lighting 6000 lamps a day, and we will do so for the next few days according to our financial capacity.
Unfortunately, due to the small number of sangha members attending the retreat this year, the registration fees will not be enough to cover all running expenses and the lamps.

But as we are all willing to continue the yearly tradition established by Rinpoche we all wish we could receive financial support from all of you in Europe who cannot join us physically. With your help we know we could match the goal of offering 111.111 lamps.

After calculation, we know 200.000 indian ruppees are needed to light 111.111 lamps (around 4000 euro). It would be a very nice occasion to generate merits all together, carrying Rinpoche's spirit and strengthening the ties of the sangha between Europe and India.

I and all sangha members here with me wish our appeal to you will be heard. Any small amount will make a difference. If we all get together to achieve this goal there is no doubt we will succeed, please come and join us.

All donations should be sent through the usual channels. Please inform us of every single donation so that we can announce the name of the sponsors and dedicate the merits in our daily pujahs.

From our side we will keep you inform of the progress towards our common endeavour of lighting 111.111 lamps for world peace and the wealth of all sentient beings.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a very happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,


Ugyen Chemchog Lama <uclama (ad)>