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February 2005

Sponsoring Antoni Oginski’s (Chöki Gyaltsen Tulku) journey to Tibet

During his visit to Siliguri in December 2004, Tulku Tsering Nyima from the Khordong monastery invited Antoni O., born on 29.01.2000, to Tibet. Our Rinpoche Chhimed Rigdzin recognized Antoni as the incarnation of one of his head teachers in Tibet, Chöki Gyaltsen. Rinpoche wished that Antoni should travel to Tibet at the age of five. It was also Rinpoches wish that Antoni should later lead the Drophan Ling Centre in Darnkow (Poland). Antoni is now due to take part in two ceremonies at the Khordong monastery in May of this year.

Antoni’s parents always respected Rinpoche’s wishes to the highest degree and want to make their sons trip possible. Due to the fact that the family has been living in a financially precarious situation for the past few years they do not have the means available to finance such a trip on their own (total cost approximately 4.000 EUR). An appeal for funds has been started in Poland. Unfortunately, the promised financial support is by no means sufficient. For this reason, we are sincerely appealing to you all for support in the form of financial donations.

We would like to express a warm thank you on behalf of Antoni’s parents for your support.

Karin and Christoph Tremaczowski
(Fon: +49-6881-8447, eMail: trembis (ad)

The bank details for donations in Germany:

Khordong e.V.
Account number: 3247558 01
Bank code: 100 700 24 Deutsche Bank
For international payments:
IBAN: DE56100700240324755801
Code word: Tibet Travel Antoni

Antoni O., born 29th January 2000 is the incarnation of Chöki Gyaltsen Tulku, recognized by Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche. Chöki Gyaltsen Tulku was one of the main teachers of Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche from the Khordong tradition, the monastery in Kham/former Tibet.

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