Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 03:33:49 -0800 (PST)

Hallo and welcome,
this is now the first or second draft of our KHORDONG-WEBPAGE of the German Khordong association. Still in process but open for discussion and help, also your place to put in information about your group, regulary praxis-meetings, other activities, your experiences, your books you've just read, ideas, texts, pictures and so one, everything YOU think which is from interest for the other peoples of the Sangha. You are welcome to join this page and to be an active partin making this place a lively meeting point of our Sangha.

Sorry, this page is just in German, till now. We hope that we will -in future times- be able to have at least some parts in different languages and maybe with your help we will be able to have soon a part in your language avaible...

But You are most welcome to discuss in english or in your language on our "Khordong-Forum" or put Your ad in "Kleinanzeigen" if you have something to offer inside of our sangha or if you are looking for something.

Best wishes, health and a happy new year from the Retreat in India

A n d r e a s
Second Secretary of the German Khordong Association

***Email Newsletter December 1999