You realize the vast meaning of the infinite view, and
Have meditation that is clear like the sun free of clouds.
You gained the signs of the siddhis of the fulfilment of your deeds, and
Gained the result of the stage of Kuntu Zangpo.
We pray to the most kind guru.

Dear Dharma Friends,
I hope You had nice and contemplative holidays.

With this newsletter we would like to inform you about news, changes, CD’s and the website of our Sangha.


As You already know the 14th butterlamp retreat opened at the 24th of Dec. Ven. Tulku Thondup is taking part and teaches there. Also there has been a meeting of the Chhimed Rigdzin Society which becomes actualised to be the regular body for the monastery in Goshpati. As only few people are taking part at the retreat it becomes difficult to fulfil the goal of lightning 100.000 lamps. Therefore Ugyen is asking for sponsors of butterlamps. If you like to sponsor some lamps you can use following accounts:

  • In Germany or for all others: removed
  • In Switzerland: UBS SA, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, , acc. n°: 242 749.215.40Y,  Nadia Maati for Khordong Monastery India
  • In Denmark: Postgiro, acc. no. 16107735, Urgyen Ling v/ Anne Marie Jensen, Edv.Griegsgade 22, 2100 Kbh Ø, Email: annemar (ad)
  • In Estonia: Jako Jaagu, Bank name: Hansapank, bank account number: 221019894882, Email: jakojaagu (ad)
  • In France: please contact Nathalie Koralnik.: nkoralnik (ad) Association Khordong, c/o Nathalie Koralnik, 500 rue Guillaume de Varey, 69380 Belmont d'Azergues

You can find the complete letter by Ugyen on our website or directly click (if this doesn't work please copy and past the address in your browser directly)::


This year again have been many activities at the polish Khordong monastery which now has the above new name. Beside the many retreats were also the roof of the new Gompa made and the general infra structure uplifted. The German association were able to support the activities, thanks to the sponsors. The activities are regularly published at the website. Now you can find there an illustrated report by Ania Siwecka. If you like to support the activities at Drophan Ling you can either use the polish bank account or the special account for Darnków at the German association.

Martin Boord writes about his stay at Darnków:


Martin Boords daughter Tara were recognised by Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Shug-Yung Khandro, a teacher near by Khordong monastery. Shortly after Tara were visit by Tulku Tanpai Nyima from East Tibet, who knows her former incarnation. He wishes to invite Tara to visit her former homeland in Eastern Tibet during the summer of 2004. He says that she has many followers there who will give her an enthusiastic reception and that he himself, as the incarnate son of the head lama of the district, is well placed to make the necessary arrangements for her stay. In order to accomplish this, however, sponsorship from all those who wish to see her succeed in her Dharma life is much needed. If you can help in any way, however small, please send your donation to the general Khordong account or a cheque to Wolfgang Zimmermann, Taborstr. 5, 10997 BERLIN, Germany, (please keep the high fee for check encashment in mind).

Please clearly identify all donations with the words TARA TO TIBET. These donations are tax reducible in Germany.

The complete appeal you can find here:

About the discovering of Tara as the reincarnation of Shug-Yung Khandroma:


Extensive and special teaching by H.H. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche are now available at CD. One is about the Dzogchen text “The Direct Indication of Buddhahood beyond Classification” by Nuden Dorje, given at Freiburg, Germany, in 1992. Rinpoche teaches about this text and gives many answers to questions. The recordings are with translation into German by Robert Jaroslawski. Most of the questions are translated into English. This are rare recordings as Rinpoche introduces a secrete teaching and later He very rarely teached so lengthy. One set are 5 Audio CD’s.

Also there are recordings from a teaching shortly after at Freiburg, November 1992. This teaching starts with an historical account and answers and question. 2 Audio-CD’s.

Both recordings are from common tape which were digitised by Thomas Gern. Many thanks to him. Especially the audio quality of the second set in at low quality while Rinpoche and his translator are auditable.

Also do we have a Video-CD (VCD), Rinpoche at Weiße Wand, Frankfurt/Main 1994. Many thanks to Olaf Brockmann for providing this VCD.

To know how many CD’s should be made we would like to know if you are interested and ask for subscription. The Audio-CD will cost about 5 to 7 Euro, add. postage. They will not be send before February 2004. We do take care about highest compatibility but it might be possible that the CD’s are not running on every especially old Players.

We hope that we will be able to provide more such recordings in future and in this way to keep the spirit of Rinpoche and his teachings. If you find that you have recordings which might be useful for distribution to the Sangha please let us know.


The German Khordong e.V. has new bank accounts. Please do not use the old Postbank account any more. These are cancelled.

General account for associations fee and donations (except donations for Drophan Ling, Darnków and for edition khordong):
Khordong e.V.,

Special account for donations only for Drophan Ling, Darnków:
Khordong e.V.

Donation- and general account of edition khordong:
Khordong e.V.

Everything also in the WWW:


The German association is tax deductible by German law. We do not send receipts automatically. We ask for your pardon. If you need one please send a note to me. However this will be useful only for people in Germany.


Your postal address you always can provide via email at adressen (ad) . New or changed email addresses please send to mail (ad) If you do not want to receive any further mail, please simple reply to this mail with a short note.

We are always happy about you questions, suggestions and contributions.

We like to thank all our supporters, generous donators, association members and all practitioners.

We wish everybody

A Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year,
Good Praxis on the Cushion and in Everyday Life!

Sarva Mangalam

andreas (ad)

2nd secretary
Khordong e.V. in Germany

***E-mail Newsletter December 2003 ar