Berlin, 20.7.2000

Dear interested party, friends or practitioners of the Tibetan Buddhism, especially of the Khordong tradition of H.H. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche

I am happy to announce the new Khordong homepage, now also in english! I hope this will support our international contact as our community is international and hopefully there will be more different language after some time. I beg Your pardon for mistakes in English, as this side is made in Germany and also not all sides of the German part are yet translated.

We would be happy if You would find this side useful and we would like to get some respond from You how You like it, what ideas You have and so forth. We are still looking for Your texts about Your experiences, book reviews, pictures or others which relevant to our Khordong tradition of the Nyingmapas of the Tibetan Buddhism.

This side will inform about Rinpoche and His tradition, about His activities and projects, especially about the Khordong monastery project in India and Poland.

Events shows tour information about Rinpoches plans and some details about of certain events as well the invitation for the butterlamp retreat in India in the end of this year.

Disciples introduces some of our teachers.

The Forum is the space for discussion and exchange of ideas. Feel free to use it in Your language! It is thought to be multilingual.

As well as Announces which has the possibility of non-commercial exchange or sell of f.i. items of rituals or Dharma books and so forth as well for contact for going to retreat together...

International has information and contact addresses of our international community.

Because this side had some problems with some Browsers or Configuration there is now on entrance without Java which gives a direct simple html-based access to all files on the side. If you have problems with your configuration and a simple "reload" did not help, please use this entrance. For instance Netscape on MasOS does not work so far with the flying menu. Sorry for this!

If You want to be in our e-mailing list please send me Your e-mail adress.

I hope You will like this side and looking forward towards Your respond

with best wishes

A n d r e a s, e-mail: andreas (ad) khordong (dot) de

Second Secretary of Khordong e.V. Deutschland