News about the Siliguri Gompa

Since our beloved Rinpoche passed away his son and Regent Tulku Ugen Chencho continues to take care of Rinpoche’s Gompa project near Siliguri. Please read Rinpoche’s last words concerning his Gompa and about the plans for the future of the monastery in Tulku Ugen’s letter:
During the 49 days period of ceremonies for Rinpoche the already very beautiful Lhakang functioned again as a temple, earlier the practice of two butterlamp retreats had taken place here. While daily pujas and offerings practiced by monks and western disciples took place on the ground floor, the work on the other parts of the Gompa continued. The rooms on the second floor took a nice shape, the floors were made, walls white washed, doors and windows, lights and fans fixed. Two monks from Chorten Gompa filled the Dharma chakra and two deers with mantras. Work on the roof and outer walls was done. How the Gompa looks and what work and art is in progress now you can read in „Guspati Colors“ by Alexis Lefort:
For the cremation, the seven weeks of daily ceremonies and offerings connected with them Urgyen had to spend a lot of money. In order to fulfill Rinpoche's wish Urgyen is trying hard to get the Gompa ready as far as possible for it’s inauguration on December 25th. But he is facing a financial crisis. He bought many building materials on credit in Siliguri and had to borrow money in order to be able to pay the wages for the workers and artists.
The authorities in Delhi still haven’t decided about H.H. Karmapa’s visit to Siliguri. As wonderful as it would be if H.H. would visit and bless our Gompa, there is no money right now for any preparations for such a visit.
Please help in this difficult situation. Any dononation is so much needed now, also small amounts do help.
With Love, hilke

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