Oxford, 5th of September 2003


Ah! Glorious Drophan Ling, blessed Haven of Benefit for all Beings and Europe's only Khordong branch monastery. What a wonderful place it is. Geomantically auspicious with its land sloping gently down towards the south. Situated within a ring of hills like the enclosing petals of a lotus, abundant with trees, natural manifestations of the protective kila. There is even a rGod-ldem tree with wispy growths like the feathers of a vulture overlooking the centre of the site from the north. The sky is open and circular like a wheel and there is water on two sides. All the elements are in harmony and free of pollution. It is a place of peace and joy where yogins and yoginis naturally gather in order to engage in long retreats. Long may the Good Dharma flourish in this special place!

This summer, at the time when the red planet Mars, god of war, was closest to Earth, at the end of a short Kila retreat, we utilised this martial energy to destroy the armies of Mara and drive all evil from the temple and from the land. Cleaning out our negativities of body, speech and mind, we chased these demons from the site and burned them in a blazing wisdom fire at the crossroads. This was a Dharma festival of spontaneous happiness that portended well for the future development of our sangha.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks all those whose selfless dedication and effort helped make this retreat a very special occasion.

At the end of her stay in this excellent place of auspicious signs, the Shukjung Khandro accepted a gift of a new sheepskin from the retreat participants. This is a sign that the wishes of our guru are being fulfilled because, during her last life in Shukjung Monastery, she always wore an old sheepskin coat that had grown dirty and smelly with age. Our Rinpoche wished to offer her a new coat but she refused and continued with only this old skin until she died. Now, in her new life, Tara has accepted a new skin and the wishes of our guru have been realised.

Long may the Dharma of Khordong flourish! May we quickly see the return of our guru, the Khordong Terchen Tulku Lama Chimed Rigzin. May all beings be happy!

Martin Boord