Darnkow, 18th of May 2002

Dear Friends in Dharma,

As You probably know Rinpoche cancelled His visit in Europe this year. But retreat in Darnkow will take place, probably in August as it was in plan, even if Rinpoche won`t come. There is no exactly programme yet, one thing we know for sure is that it will be butterlamp offering ceremony, other details we have to discuss with Rinpoche in this new situation. So it will take a while till the info about retreat will be ready, then immediately I will send it. Please be patient.

Now in Darnków we prepare small retreat with Jomo Gudrun (30.05 - 2.06).
Also there is still a lot of work on the gompa building field. In the gompa (in the main meditation hall) only the floor is missing. In butterlamp offering building we already finish to cover the roof and on Monday they will make the floor. We will make windows in 2, 3 weeks and it will be ready. Now the main works is in toilet - shower building. Now they make inside partition walls. After they will make water tubes, roof cover, inside plasters and installation of sanitary equipment and it will be ready.
Although we made till now so much work, still we need money to finish everything, so each, even small financiall help will be very helpful and welcome.

With thanks to all who support our Monastery in prayer and deed,

Best regards from Darnków,

Anna Siwecka

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