Dear Friends in Dharma,

On behalf of the council of The Khordong Association in Poland as well as the whole polish sangha, we want to address all those who care about the idea of building gompa in Darnkow.

Thanks to the Rimpocze’s blessing and donations from all of you, especially from Sara Zedeler, Mark Mazurek and Krzysztof Trembaczowski, we will be able to finish the basic structure of the gompa this year.

At this moment we are raising the roof constructions. By the half of November, we hope to be able to finish the whole basic structure. As I mentioned before, we have funds to finish this stage.

But we need to go forward. Next steps include all the works inside the building, i.e. any cabling and interior works. In the first row, we concentrate on finishing the ground floor, where the main meditation hall will be located, so that the next meditation retreat can take place in new gompa. To do that, we need to start interior works still this year.

The reason for starting the works still this year are technical conditions: the floor of the ground floor consists of many layers, each layer needs about a month to dry out. Also we want to start with electric installation and wall plaster, all these works take time and money. So, if we want to meditate in new gompa next year, we need to start the works now.

For the time being we estimate cost of interior finishing works for a minimum of 350.000 PLN.

Without your financial support we are not able to do it. Each donation, even the smallest one is a step further. Each zloty offered makes it more real that the next year’s retreat will take place in our new gompa. We appreciate any of your kind donations.

Information about advancement in works on gompa building will be available on, where you could find pictures from the construction site. If you would like to know more, or are interested in more detailed information, please contact me at phone: +48 601 35 77 76 or e-mail: khordong (ad)

The Khordong Association’s Bank account information:
Bank PKO BP Oddz. Kudowa Zdrój
97 10205112 127680244

We appreciate any help.

On behalf of sangha
Anna Siwecka
President of Khordong Association

*** 10/01 Anna Siwecka