Hallo and Welcome

to the home page of the German Khordong association. As the Khordong community is international we wish to inform about H.H. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, his main deciples and projects in English. As well we want to offer this site to be a platform for information and exchange for the followers and people who are interested in Rinpoche's tradition or Tibetan Buddhism, showing parts of our activities, inform about events and retreats, supporting and informing about the international monastery projects and so one.

You are welcome to take part in participating in the discussion Forum, which is can be used in different languages simultaneously. For the international groups is place in the International folder to inform about their activities, regularly praxis meetings, contacts and so one.

If you have books just read and find them interesting You are welcome to give an overview or writing about Your experience in Dharma, Your pilgrimage report and so one, what ever You find interesting and inspiring for other people in the Dharma.

As this page is mainly made in Germany we beg for Your pardon when there are mistakes and ask You for help making this side better and more useful to everyone.

Best wishes, health and a happy day


A n d r e a s R u f t

andreas (ad) khordong (dot) net

Second Secretary of the German Khordong Association