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18th Butterlamp retreat

December 24th 2008 to January 14th 2009

We are happy to announce all of you that the 18th Butterlamp retreat will be held this winter at our Khordong Byangter Gompa from December 24th 2008 to January 14th 2009. Some of you already came forward with some donations to cover the cost of the retreat but that is not enough yet. Nevertheless it was a nice surprise to see how much some keep this retreat strongly in their minds as it is the first time since Rinpoche passed away that we receive donation for the lamps so early in the year, giving us the confirmation that it must be organized once again.
As you maybe remember, last year the retreat was attended by just a few disciples but all were very dedicated and had the strong motivation to do a retreat of intense practice. None of them allowed themselves to be distracted from the offerings during the whole period of their stay, which as a result their dedication could be felt deeply in the whole atmosphere. We very much wish for the same this year.
Strong of last year successful Tashiding Pilgrimage, the wish is to go to Yuksom this year (in West Sikkim). As most of you know Yuksom is an important place of Sikkim Buddhist history as it is there that the first Dharma king of Sikkim had been enthroned by the three great lamas from Tibet, Kathok Rigdzin Chempo, Ngadak Sempa Chempo and Gyalwa Lhatsun Chempo.. All three came from different region of Tibet and had left to Sikkim in order to fulfill the prophecy of various tertons. Coming from different directions they finally met at Norbugang in Yuksom. From there the first Chogyal got enthroned and the Dharma spread throughout Sikkim, the hidden land known as hBras-ma ljong. Yuksom is also a place surrounded with many sacred caves, lake, rocks, stupas and so on, as well as a place of legends and a stronghold of the Lepcha community.
The other reason for this choice is that our Lopon Choewang together with eight of our lamas and 3 members of staff are coming from Yuksom. So, it will give us a good occasion to go on Pilgrimage to offer 10.000 lamps there and honor these families with whom we are connected. Yuksom is also the place of residence of H.H Yangthang Rinpoche.
We will leave for Yuksom on January 8th, early morning by jeep to reach there in the afternoon. Food and Accommodation in Yuksom will have been pre-arranged in advanced by the organizers and Yuksom Gompa will receive us as a group of pilgrims. Those arrangements will have to be respected by each individual during the time of the pilgrimage. Facilities will be provided for us to offer our 2500 lamps daily and one of the gompa will be made available for us to perform our pujahs together. On January,13th  we shall return to Khordong Byangter Gompa, to close the retreat on January 14th 2009.
Please confirm with us as soon as you know you will come.

Bring with you :
Your passport with minimum 6 months validity.
3 Identity Photos.
Sikkim Permit: You may apply directly by yourself while applying for your Indian visa at home if you wish. Otherwise, it will be taken care of by the organizers at the beginning of the retreat for those who will need.
First Aid medical kit with travel sickness, diarrhea, fever, headache, twisted joints, cramps, cough and cold medicine.
Warm clothes, good shoes and sleeping bag.
Contacts :
Phone :
Gompa: 00.91.353.64.54.578
Tulku Ugen Chencho :
House: 00.91.353.2581.358
H.P: 9.8320.49.416 or 9933.06.2222
E.mail :
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